Transfers - 2050x600 interior sliders

image-transferWant to purchase a gun from a previous owner? Or want to get a gun from out of state transferred? We are here to help you with everything you need. FFL gun transfers can be quite a routine for a common user who is not aware of most of the regulations and procedures involved in the process thereby making it a cumbersome process. Not to worry we offer full assistance and ensure you get a legal transfer done in your name.
We provide you with full federal paperwork and make sure that the gun transfer is as seamless as possible. We deal only with registered FFL dealers and do not compromise on the procedure of the transfer keeping each and every step legit to the word of the book.

Any FFL dealer is welcome to work with us and we maintain a professional relation with all our dealers and would love to expand our network of dealers. We facilitate transfers for you and also walk you through the procedure to take any doubt out of your mind pertaining to the process.

At Fort Saxtown we charge only the minimal amount needed for the transfer of the weapon and provide swift and easy transactions and ensure delivery of your weapon to you as soon as possible without any hassle whatsoever.

$30.00 for first transfer, $15.00 for every one after on the same 4473 form.