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Your Gun Specialist in St. Clair County, IL Fort Saxtown

image-home[1]Fort Saxtown in Millstadt, Illinois is one of the best gun traders and taxidermists in Illinois with years of experience and the “customer first” attitude takes us up a notch when it comes to gun dealers. With a vast variety of guns available in our store, both preowned as well as brand new guns giving you the choice to purchase the firearm that you feel the most comfortable handling. We also facilitate gun transfers and ensure that all the regulations are followed and that no rock is left unturned during our gun verification procedures to ensure that you get the best quality and legal weapons. We not only sell guns we ensure that the users are made aware of safety regulations and orient them in a manner that they incorporate gun safety into their gun habits.

We have a well trained workforce and a full fledged gunsmithing arena making us your one stop shop for purchasing guns as well as getting maintenance checks done on your firearm. Be a family heirloom or a gun you purchased, our expert team will take care of your gun like our own.

We are master taxidermists and our creations adore many walls. We take care of every fine detail and recreate the actual being in its true grandeur and flamboyance preserving all your fond memories with the trophy.

In addition to all this Fort Saxtown offers training in weapon usage for weapons ranging from concealed carry class to basic pistols and more, ensuring that the weapon is in safe hands and the user is familiar with the weapon he carries thus building bridges between gun safety and the users. Fort Saxtown is your one stop shop for all your gun needs be it purchasing a gun or any gun accessories or getting maintenance done of your firearm. We are the best in the field as well as behind the counter. Galean Adams and his son John believe an armed society is a polite society! Click here to see the requirements for Concealed Carry in Illinois.